The first creation of blogging with my furry friends. We want you to know how much GOD loves you and how very special you are to HIM! We look foward to many days of blogging with you.
Andrea and "The Perdue Zoo"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greetings from "The Perdue Zoo"

Greetings from "The Perdue Zoo." My furry brothers and I hope you had an awesome Christmas and will enjoyed a blessed New Year.  We will formally celebrate Christmas on December 30th with all our humans. Some of them were traveling on Christmas Eve when we normally celebrate and we did not want to have it without everyone, especially those two cute little humans my parents call grandbabies, Savannah and Elijah.

We have enjoyed a wonderful 2011. There are always bumps along the way, but Mom and Dad stay focused on GOD and HE sees them through. Let's all stay focused and embrace 2012 with GOD leading the way!

Woofs and Wags,


PS: Praying each of you has a safe and prosperous New Year!


Denise said...

Wishing you, and your dear family, a wonderful new year.

Mary Moss said...

I know you all will have a wonderful time on the 30th!