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Andrea and "The Perdue Zoo"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I wanted to show you what temptation looks like. This is the doe I wanted to play with. While Mom was trying diligently to keep me under control, Dad was taking pictures of my new friend.

Dad is still trying to convince me she did not want to play with me. Dad said, "she has her tail up and that alerts the other deer to danger." I think she had her tail up because she is cuter that way. I think she was flirting and wanting to play with me. If she was afraid, don't you think she would have run with the wind?

She pranced around in front of me, while Mom kept telling me to "leave it" and "stay." She stayed close to us for a "long" time. Mom even said, "if she is really scared, she should scamper on away."

Dad chuckled. I suppose it was much funnier to Dad since all he had to do was hold the camera. Mom had her hands full with me. At one point, she held me in a down and forbid me from chasing my new friend!

I could have broken lose, but Mom would have been devastated if I had run with the wind across the mountain range. She would not have rested until I was back safe.

The temptation was almost more than I could bare, but I am glad I was able to control myself. I like the cushy life I have. I am not sure I am ready to go back to the wild. Mom spoils me!

Thank you, Mom for keeping me focused. I know I am a handful at times!

Woofs and Wags,



The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

Hey, Sitka~

I know what you mean about temptation. Mom way frying up a bunch of eggplant today and in one of the bowls on the counter, there was a good supply of milk....mmmmm! I tried so hard to get up there to get it but mom wouldn't let me. I waited for her to go in the other room so I could sneak some. Ooooooh, the temptation was more than I could bear.

She finally left the kitchen, giving me a chance to try and get to that bowl, but when I did, I misjudged the distance and "fell" short of the counter. OUCH! That's what I get for being sneaky!

Life has some hard lessons to learn, huh?

See ya~

homeschool101 said...

This is adorable.

To sitka,
I am a mischevious hard headed 3 year old dog. I have the hardest time listening for mom when she calls. I enjoy to much fun and I have gotten my self in to trouble alot. I have taken to many adventures and wondered off to many times getting lost. I have made my family worry for me and my safety. You would think I could get it into my head to LISTEN, MOM & DAD know best.

Unfortunately, I get too caught up in the moment, But I am slowly learning. Slowly. I hope today will be my lesson from your post on temptation that maybe I could get mine under control. Do you think I will ever be not so hard headed. Well someday. Lol. Thanks Sitka for your post. :)

Petyon (Mr Mischevious)

Anonymous said...

Now I've NEVER seen a white tail(ed) deer - but that one is AWESOME - esp. how the hair is standing on end and it's sooooo frilly look'g.

Thanks for the awesome pix. Now tell your doggie that they can be deadly with those hooves ... so it's not good to play with them ... and for a dog of his size it could turn deadly really FAST.
I'm glad you listened to your Mom. :)

RCUBEs said...

Oh Sitka! That deer did look like it wanted to play or be chased or something...But that's temptation, it comes in a subtle or beautiful way until you get hurt...I'm glad that your dad and your mom kept you safe and away from that unknown danger. Beautiful pic though...

Ina in Alaska said...

Sitka you were able to overcome temptation with obedience and loyalty. What a sweet deer-friend too! xoxo (so funny my word verification today is "colie")

Denise said...

Bless you Sitka, you were a good boy.

Edie said...

Aw Sitka I can certainly see why you would want to play with that cute little deer. I would too! But I'm glad you decided to listen to your mom. Even if she did have to hold you down once. It just shows she loves you.


Karen said...

We put boundaries on the ones we love the most....

Just Be Real said...

Awww, such a cute temptation. I understand your desire Sitka! ((((Sitka))))

orange sugar home said...

so funny! blessings to you as well andrea!!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Hi sweet Sitka, isn't it amazing how often temptation strikes? My sweet Stella is often tempted by the birdies that come to land on our balcony, which she watches (and chirps at) intentionally through the window (she's an indoor kitty), wishing, I'm sure, that she could be allowed to give into the temptation of "playing" with one of the little feathered creatures :)

Wishing you & your family a deeply wonderful day!
♥ Jessica

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Andrea..
OH what a darling post an temptation- LOL- love the cute pic of the deer..
OH yes they can really kick stay away sweet Sitka..
... I bought a T-fall toaster at Shopko Andrea.. so far we love it(:)hugs,Patty


What a great post and such a beautiful dog. I love watching deer too. I don't blame you Sitka... Thank You Andrea... aka mom for sharing. Blessings,