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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prayer Request

Last night, Mom and Dad took Nanuq to Central State Hospital, in Petersburg, Virginia for Dog Therapy. Nanuq enjoyed his visit. He spent time with lower functioning patients. He walked from one to another sharing furry love with each of them.

While Mom and Dad were gone, my leg began to hurt. My human brother gave me 1.5 tramadol. I am prescribed 2.5 (50mg) every twelve hours when needed. I was miserable and when Mom and Dad arrived home at 9:00 pm I let them know how I felt.

I whined and barked at Mom, grabbing at her hand. Mom knows when I act in this manner it means I am in pain and she needs to do something. Mom quickly assessed my leg. She realized I was not using my right rear leg at all and it was a little warm to touch. Mom gave me 1 tramadol. Mom knew I needed the full dose.

After laying in Mom's arms for about 2 hours I began to feel some relief. During the night I whined a few times as I changed positions, but slept well in between.

Mom is working today. Dad helped me into our SUV via my doggie ramp and off we went to see my favorite doggie doctor, Dr. Richard Jordan.

After my exam, Dr. Jordan prescribed an anti-biotic and a different pain medicine. He, too felt inflammation in my knee.

Please pray my knee becomes stronger. I hate pain and Mom and Dad hate watching me in pain.

Thank you, my prayer warrior friends. You guys are awesome. I am amazed you love and follow me.

Woofs and Wags,



RCUBEs said...

May the meds work and your knee be healed in no time Sitka.

Silver said...

connected in prayer.. for Sitka.


Leslie said...

Woofy prayers, Sitka!

Ina in Alaska said...

Dear Sitka (and Mom), Super Sized prayers indeed are coming your way pronto! We hope you are more comfortable today and send many hugs to you for a better day. So glad you have lovely parents looking out for you!! xoxoxo

Ina and Toby, Ginger and Jeter

makeyourhomesing said...

Poor little doggy! I remember our dog being in so much pain and the doc prescribed some pain meds and she felt so much better.

orange sugar home said...

goog luck!! hope you feel better tomorrow!!

American History said...

Keeping you in our prayers. We lit a candle at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher thanks to God bless.

Unknown said...

I pray you leg heals, better than new, Sitka. Glad you have a good dr.--glad also your mom and dad care for you so much.

Edie said...

Praying for healing for you Sitka!

reese said...

aw andrea, thank you for being such a sweetie! i greatly appreciate your comment. i hope this comment finds you well :) Godbless.