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Sunday, February 1, 2009

There's A Mouse In The House

Last night, as we all settled around Mom's big chair for a relaxing evening, Dad said, "there is a mouse." Our home sprinted forward from peace and tranquility to an eruption of fear and trembling in seconds. Our Mom is known by most to be calm and confident, but when someone mentions "mouse" those descriptions can aggressively be thrown out the window.

While Dad appeases mom by chasing the 1/2 inch long mouse around our bedroom, Mom called in the cavalry including our human Marine brother, Seth, his wife Jen, and Wil. Each of them said, "It's just a mouse" with a smile on their faces. Meanwhile, Mom has scaled the furniture and is sitting in the middle of our king size bed.

Nanuq (Samoyed), Trouble (Toy Poodle), Macy (elderly, deaf, cocker spaniel), and I did not see any need to pursue the human chase around us, however Mom was so upset we decided our efforts would be best spent trying to calm her down. Nanuq, Macy, and Trouble joined Mom on the bed and I assumed my position beside the bed.

Despite all efforts, the mouse outsmarted our human family and left Mom curled in the middle of the bed refusing to move. Each of us stayed in our positions throughout the night. We awoke to find our 12 pound Cat, Sox with the furry invader dead, his prize proudly in hand!

We each had a job to do and we did it well. My doggie siblings and I comforted our Mom through an emotionally difficult and scary night while our kitty brother pursued the furry invader. Although our human family was not much help in comforting Mom or catching the invader, we pursued and fulfilled God's purpose for our furry lives.

God has a plan for each of us, human and creature alike. I am thankful my furry family was able to comfort, love, and solve our Mom's need. No task assigned by God is too small or unimportant. We take our furry jobs seriously and look forward to serving God until the furry end of time!

Woofs and Wags,


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1 comment:

Mary Moss said...

This may well have been the most important job yet! I would have responded the same way:-)