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Andrea and "The Perdue Zoo"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Brrrrrr...It's Cold"

"Burrrrr...It's Cold," says Mom as we play in the back yard. God gave Nanuq and I warm, fuzzy coates, but Mom must wear a parka. We love our Mom and have a special relationship with her.

Mom often says, "therapy starts at home" and I suppose it does. Mom would tell you God brought Nanuq and I into her life because she needed us, but we would tell you God brought us into Mom's life because we needed her. A friend recently gave our mother a magnet for her SUV in the shape of a paw saying, "who rescued who."

Mom proudly displayed her magnet realizing it was a statement of truth! God rescues each of us and places us where He deems best. Certainly God was gracious and full of mercy when He decided to unite our family.

Nanuq and I, along with Trouble (toy poodle) and Macy (our elderly, deaf cocker spaniel sister) thank each of you for following our journey with GOD. We love our Creator and the family He placed us in.

Woofs and Wags,



Mary Moss said...

What a sweet post. It really tugged at my heartstrings.

Therese said...

Hi Andrea, Sitka, Nanuq, Trouble and Macy,

We have the opposite problem to you. It isn't cold here, it is pretty hot here. We have had temps over 100 for the last two weeks everyday. Tomorrow we will get some relief finally because the cool change is due.

Love this story. My cocker spaniel Pepper came to our house when he was 3 months old. I just couldn't imagine life without him.

Edie said...

Aw I love all your furry friends. I'm looking forward to reading about all of you. I just love All God's Creatures so how could I not enjoy a blog called All God's Creatures?

Now get off that porch and inside where you can all warm up! :D

makeyourhomesing said...

Our beagle is a rescue dog. He has come along way but he still has some issues.

My friend has a therapy dog that she visits nursing homes with.

NESSA the hovawart said...

thank you for stopping by. I think that people should think of us as a Gods creatures. If all of them understand what we can offer to them they woul treat us only with love and there wouldn't be so much abandoned animals....
Hugs and kisses,

Heart2Heart said...

Aw! Straight from a dogs heart! Thanks for following me. I hope I can keep you all entertained. Love, Kat