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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Special Visits

Every visit is special to a therapy dog. We get excited when we are able to love and encourage our human friends. A few months ago, my brother Nanuq went to Our Lady Of Hope in Richmond, Virginia to participate with a local group (Therapy Dogs and Associates); TDA was to perform a "dog show" for the residents.

Nanuq is a rescued Samoyed who has not learned many tricks, but "loves" everyone and learned obedience commands very quickly. When he first came to live with us he was unsure of new places and being attached to a human with a leash.

The first few trips to obedience school with Nanuq were an adventure, because he was afraid of the "new world" God placed him in. Soon his fear turned to exuberance and excitement.

After the "dog show" Nanuq visited with each of the residents and enjoyed the gentle touch flowing through the aged hands. One lady seemed to fall in love with Nanuq as she wrapped her arms around his big fluffy neck; time seemed to stand still for them both.

Nanuq displays a quiet and gentle spirit and waits patiently in almost every situation. He seemed to know this lady needed extra attention. The nurse and staff members took the other residents back to their rooms. They too must have known this lady needed extra time.

At the close of Nanuq's visit, his new friend said, "I don't have any family and I miss my dogs." Tearfully they parted with a promise from our Mom to return for future visits. Each month Nanuq eagerly visits his new friend and has become her "family visitor."

God used my brother to give an elderly woman a reason to face each new day. She knows each "last Friday of the month" Nanuq will come to see her. Nanuq is a reminder that our Lord "never leaves us nor forsakes us."

Woofs and Wags,

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Mary Moss said...

How wonderful that God uses animals to reach people where no human being can.