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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pray For Nanuq

Poor Nanuq is having a tough week. First, he was told by our vet that he is "overweight" and must go on a doggie diet. For those of you who do not know Nanuq is "very" afraid of thunderstorms. Mom and Dad have spent lots of time working with him, but he still gets scared. Monday night we experienced severe thunderstorms. At first, nanuq was sleeping peacefully. We were all excited to see his progress. Then, an earth-shattering thunderbolt struck! Poor Nanuq awoke and began pacing and panting! Every time we would get him settled another large bolt of lightening and thunder would come. At one point, Nanuq wanted to get in the bed with Mom and Dad and they let him. Soon, he became anxious and leaped off the bed, injuring his leg.
Mom and Dad have him on pain/anti-inflammatory medicine and are trying to keep him calm until he heals.

Thank you for joining in prayer with us for Nanuq!

Woofs and Wags,



Ina in Alaska said...

We are sending comfort and peace to Nanuq! Tell him that after the big storms the best flowers will appear to cheer him up! xoxo

Oreo said...

okie dokie,
Hope that he will feel better today, Just have to have him relax I guess.


Niki Turner said...

Poor baby! My westie is terrified of thunderstorms, too. The groomer suggested a pheromone spray I'm thinking of trying.
Peace to Nanuq, and a rapid recovery for that leg.

Alleluiabelle said...

You sweet one. Praying for you!


Deborah said...

Awww, we are praying. My Ariel is also scared of thunderstorms. She knows they are here before I do.

Edie said...

Aw poor Nanuq. I'm praying.
Tobi is afraid of thunderstorms too and even hard rain makes her nervous.

Here is a very good article that might help.

Parsley said...

Our Henry was afraid of storms until he became almost deaf. Have you tried the pheremones?

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, Here praying-I so understand as our Sadie girl was very upset with thunder and we tried everything. I miss her but won't miss how terried she got each summer with our thunder showers daily.
Have a gret day.

Denise said...

I will be praying for dear Nanuq.

Maxmom said...

We understand how you feel....TOFFEE has the same problem. We experience extreme thunderstorms here in Johannesburg. There is often nothing we can do...except to enclose them (the dogs) with us in a room with music on loud. Sometimes "Tellington touch" also helps. Will keep Nanuq in our prayers.

Andrea said...

We have tried almost everything, including pheromones, exposure to storms on cd's, turning the lights, holding him down in the floor and talking him through it. All these things combined have helped some, but we still have a LONG way to go. It is still pretty bad. It may be a LONG summer.
THANK YOU, everyone for your prayers and support.

Karen said...

Oh...poor baby...hope he recovers soon and his spirit calms....

Unknown said...

Poor boy!
We are all praying for him.

Leslie said...

Poor Nanuq! Otto feels his pain concerning the weight loss. He was once told by the vet that he really should have a waist! He only has one when we have a stretch of good weather, and he can get out to run a lot. Needless to say, Otto doesn't have a waist right now!

Praying for quick healing! Woof!!

Emma Rose said...

There is something that might help you here -

We read about it and thought it sounded like a wonderful idea for dogs that are afraid of thunder.

Emma Rose

Jane In The Jungle said... of my friends was like that about storms also. She would always leap straight into the bed on top of us!

Tootsie said...

my dog is like that...afraid of harsh weather...and okay...a bit overweight...we call it her love handles! lol

Emma Rose said...

We found one more thing for you to check out. One of our friends has the same problem ans she just got a thundershirt. You could contact her and see if it is working. Her is her blog post about it.

Emma Rose and the Duchess

Mc Allen said...

awww, what a sweet boy!. I hope he enjoys his new eating plan!! xoxo LA