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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nanuq's History

"Dear Sitka, so glad you were able to provide peace and joy to the psychiatric patients. I always look forward to your and Nanuq's reports. Some day maybe tell us how you and Nanuq came to live with your mom and dad and how you got your names :) xoxo
Ina In Alaska"

Today, I will begin to answer Ms. Ina's questions! I will start with Nanuq. Mom and Dad were not looking for another dog. They already had Macy, Trouble, and I. However, one of Mom's friends found Nanuq wandering around in rural Eastern Virginia. Apparently, someone had thrown him out. He was matted and underweight. She brought him home and fostered him while trying to find his owners.

Knowing Mom is partial to big dogs she invited her over to help evaluate the big white fluffy dog. She put up fliers, called the veterinarian's offices close to where he was found, etc. No one claimed him.

Mom took me and Dad to visit him. By now she was calling him Nanuq. Mom said, "he looks like a polar bear; his name should be Nanuq." Nanuq would walk up to Dad and just look at him pitifully. He knew whose heart he had to get to if he was coming home with us. Finally, Dad said, We will take him. We had already fallen in love with him.

Mom and Dad took Nanuq to the doggie doctor and found out he had heart worms. Mom and Dad treated him and over the last year and half he has gained 15 pounds. He is doing well.

Nanuq had never seen a leash and did not know doggie commands. However, he was so excited to be a part of our family he would do anything to please Mom and Dad. He went to dog school and was so obedient they allowed him to skip a few grades. He was quite the honor student in dog school.

At first Nanuq was scared to go places. In his doggie past apparently no one ever took him exciting places. All that has changed. Our Mom and Dad love to travel with us. When Mom says, "do you want to go?" Nanuq beats me to the back door.

Nanuq has become a wonderful part of our family. We are glad GOD brought him into our lives.

Woofs and Wags,


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