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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

In the last week, I have received the Honest Scrap award from two bloggy friends:

God Created Laughter

Patiently Waiting

Both of these blogs are new bloggy friends. As a dog, I am honored when humans bless me with awards. Please jump over and visit my new friends. Each of them have beautiful blogs.

With this blog comes the furry obligation to talk about myself. I am to tell 10 things you may not know:

1)My name, Sitka means: By The Sea in Klinket Indian (an Alaskan Indian Tribal Language. When Mom and Dad named me they wanted my name to be native to the area of my ancestors orgin, but they also wanted it to mean something to them. My parents love the ocean. That is how I got my name.

2)I am the only dog my parents searched out and purchased. My two brothers and sister were rescues. After my parents were married, my mom wanted a dog.

Dad told her, "we already have a dog."

Mom said, "you don't understand...I neeeeeeeed a dog and I want a big one."

Dad said, "well, if you must have a big dog it has to be a Malamute. I had them about 30 years ago and they are the absolute best and by the way, it must be a male and either gray and white or black and white."

Mom said, "OKAY!"

Mom began the world wide search for a Malamute. She had never seen or been around one, but if this was what it took to get a big dog then she would comply. After searching the world over and talking to "many" breeders she found a breeder here in Virginia. GOD being GOD, my breeder lived in Christiansburg, Virginia and worked for the college my Dad graduated from in 1965, Virginia Tech. Not only am I a Malamute, I am a Hokie! How could Dad refuse a road trip to visit me?

3)I am a gray and white Malamute. Of course, all of you have seen my picture and know that. What you may not know is that most gray and whites do not have a full mask, but I do!

4)I love everyone, but I have a very strong bond with my mother! She and I are inseparable. If possible, I go everywhere with her and when I can't I am NOT happy about it.

5)Mom feeds me holistic dog food. She also puts a spoon of pure pumpkin in my food. Pumpkin has natural healing agents and is good for a multitude of ailments in both humans and dogs. It is also great for my furry coat and skin.

6)The farthest I have traveled north is Seaford, Delaware and the farthest I have traveled south is Destin, Florida. I love to travel.

7)I use a dog ramp to get in and out of my parents SUV. They bought it for me after my first knee surgery. They do not want me to re-injure myself. I have two Veterinarians and a doggie Orthopedic Doctor. I do not like going to the doggie Orthopedic Doctor. I would rather see my favorite doggie doctors and Town and Country Vet., Chesterfield, Virginia. I LOVE them!

8)My picture hangs on the wall in my Vet.s Office. The staff and nurses love me so much they learned my native language. They howl with me the entire time I visit.

9)If you have not figured out by now, I am a bit spoiled. Please don't tell anyone. I don't want to mess up a good thing!

10)Most of you know I am a therapy dog. I also alert my mom before she has an asthma attack. I am not sure if you knew it was my idea to get into dog therapy and not my parents. From the time I was a little guy, I pulled my parents through crowds to get to hurting people, handicapped, and anyone who needed me. Finally, Mom and Dad recognized what I had been trying to tell them and began specialized training with me. I LOVE my job.

WOW..that was harder than I thought. I hope you enjoyed learning a few things about my furry life. I know I am only suppose to choose a few people to pass this award to, but I simply can't. I must pass it to each of you. Each of my followers are unique and different. You each represent the world around me. I love the diverse mixture GOD has graciously brought into my furry life. You will never know how much I appreciate each of you and your comments. How many dogs can say they get to write a blog and they actually have followers. I know there are a few others out there, but I am amazed as my blog grows and you guys keep coming back. So, please take the Honest Scrap Award and post it on your blogs. I love you all!

Woofs and Wags,



RCUBEs said...

You are a great, amazing furry friend that you deserve this award Sitka. Congratulations. Hugs and pats on your back!

Karen said...

You are amazing! Loved reading about you and the incredible things you do....

Edie said...

Aw Sitka, next to my Tobi you are my most favorite furry friend. You deserve lots of awards! I loved reading about how God called you into service.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww Sitka, Thank you so much,

Relyn Lawson said...

I found this post to be so interesting. Oh, there is nothing like a beloved animal, is there?

Angie said...

Thanks for telling us more about you Sitka. Also, it was a great heads up about how healthy pumpkins are for 2 & 4 legged creatures! I had a Malamute when I was growing up, you are a wonderful breed. I'm glad your mom & dad figured out what you were destined to do and helped you meet your full potential, what a blessing. Keep up the good work.

Shadow said...

sitka, you are a deserving star... and now i know to give my pups some pumpkin too, thank you!!!

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...


Simba, Rascal, and Kitty

Pet said...

Thank you so much Sitka. YOu're the best.

Danae Hudson said...

So sweet!!

Unknown said...


Thank you so much for the Honest Scrap Award. It is a treasure.

I so enjoyed learning more about you. Please pray for my own faithful canine friend. Cookie is now 16 1/2 and nearing the end of her days. She has not been a therapy dog, such as yourself, but she has been there to comfort me through the trials of my life, always loving, always listening.

God bless,

Kat said...

Hi, there.

Love the new look going on here. This week we lost our pet mantis (they don't live very long like dogs, you know) so Samuel has been a little down. I think tonight I will have to tell him about your special visit to the hospital and the man with the papers.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award...and thanks for passing it on....

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Congratulations, Sitka! You are one handsome furry bundle of joy! We used to have a Siberian Husky and her name was Janu. Someday my hubby and I would like to get another big dog, maybe even a Malamute like yourself!

Hugs & pats,

Sandra Wilkes said...

Thank you for the award Sitka! You are a special one...have fun with the family in the mountains.

Denise said...

Congrats Sitka.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I will see you in the mountains. The Hubby and I are going on the next sunny day!

Ina in Alaska said...

Hello Sitka! I have been away from the laptop for a couple of days but it is very nice to learn of your story and it is a great one.

One thing I would like to point out as an Alaskan is the correct spelling of your Native Clan.... Tlingit... it is pronounced "klinkit" but spelled Tlingit... these Native Americans are renowned Hunter-Gatherers and stress family and kinship.... this is truly your mission which you do so very well.... Thank you so much for all you do, you are a great inspiration to so many and we love you, Sitka!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me!

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Congrat's Sitka and liked it to geet to know you better...
What a great ministry you have...
Than You for passing on the reward...
Have a blessed weekend

The Bliss Journey said...

Sitka, Thank you so much for my reward. Hope Mom and Dad had a restful week.

leigh hewett said...

Wow, I've never had a dog bestow an award to me. Thanks!

Clever Blog!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...


Andrea told me to come here because you had an award for me. I did not find an award -- that's okay; I don't know what I would do with it anyway. What I found was a lot better: your story! Do you know that we used to own a Malamute (or rather, he owned us). His name was Tok. And my cousin lives in Sitka, Alaska. I did not know that Sitka actually meant something. Your post made my day!

I follow your furry notes from time to time. You are doing good things, Sitka. Keep it up!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Sitka, you an amazing and deeply precious animal. Thank you very much for sharing these fascinating facts about your life with us - and many congrats on your hugely well deserved award!

Oodles of hugs,
♥ Jessica