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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tonight's Visit

Tonight, Mom and Dad spent the evening with Nanuq at Central State Hospital. I wanted to go with them, but Mom felt it wise for me to stay home another week. I so miss helping humans feel better. Mom reminds me I do not have to leave home to do my job. She tells me I am special and not all dogs get to tell their stories about dog therapy. What would we canines do without Mom's to encourage us? Thank you Mom and thank you to all of my followers.

After visiting tonight, Nanuq could not wait to share with me. Nanuq's evening was full of adventure. Many of the patients were a little confused tonight. One thought she was lassie and had raised her own pups. Another patient thought Nanuq was her grandmother. One gentleman thought he was a K-9 because he, too had hair on his arms.

For the last 30 minutes of Nanuq's visit, he spent his time with a young man. The young man seemed to need his attention. He needed someone to listen to him. Mom suggested the young man tell Nanuq to heel so they could walk around in the large room together. Nanuq politely followed the young man's commands and stayed with him at every turn. It was a wonderful surprise to this young man for Nanuq to listen and obey. Both Nanuq and the young man were filled with joy and both faces wore radiant smiles.

Dog therapy is never the same. The needs are great. Our visits encourage the souls of many humans in a profound way. Mom gets lots of questions about dog therapy and often she has a difficult time explaining the value of our jobs. In reality it is not explainable. It is truly a "God Thing." You have to witness it to realize the eternal value. GOD often uses us in ways beyond comprehension.

Please pray for our human patient friends at Central State Hospital as well as the staff and Doctors. There are many hurting people and there are many special souls who work and serve in this facility because they want to make a difference. Nanuq, Trouble, and I are privileged to be a part of their team.

Woofs and Wags,



Mary Moss said...

Sitka, you and Nanuq and your mom and dad are a blessing to many.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Always inspirational!
Thank you for making such a difference.

Heart2Heart said...

Thank you for all that you continue to do to bring much love and hope back into the world.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Wanda's Wings said...

What a blessing you are.

The French Bear said...

Always such a pleasure to read!!!
Margaret B