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Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Outdoor Therapy Visit

Thursday night, Dad took Nanuq to Central State Psychiatric Hospital for Dog Therapy. Mom and I stayed home. I am still experiencing pain in my knees and hips when I lay on the hard floors in hospitals or other places.

On this visit, the staff decided to take the patients into a fenced courtyard. Dad was able to allow Nanuq to freely visit with patients. He unleashed Nanuq and he played with the patients.

Both Nanuq and Dad shared with Mom and I when they returned home. The outdoor visit was enjoyed by both Nanuq and the patients.

A change of scenery is good for both humans and furry children. God uses all things to work in our lives. Nanuq's visit reminds us to think outside the box when helping others. I am thankful the staff was able to give the patients and Nanuq the ability to fellowship in a different environment.

Woofs and Wags,



Ina in Alaska said...

Oh Andrea I JUST NOW discovered your doggy blog..... I LOVE IT!! I am such a dog fanatic...... I have added myself as a follower (and fan) Your dogs are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing their work with us. xoxo

Leslie said...

I bet Nanuq loved the freedom of his last visit! I'm sorry you couldn't go Sitka and that you're in pain again.

Nanuq is very handsome, too! I bet your mom has to vacuum daily! Our blue rug always looks black because of Otto's fur. Thankfully his human brothers are very good at vacuuming!

RCUBEs said...

Beautiful Nanuq [like Sitka!]...That's a great time for these patients to be able to go outside and interact with Nanuq. That's a little taste of freedom, instead of being confined in their rooms or just the routine therapies they have with staff. Hope you feel better Sitka!