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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Surprise On The Boardwalk

Each year, in February my parents take me to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We spend our days walking on the Boardwalk and enjoying GOD'S beautiful creation. Mom, Dad, and I love the beach, but we especially enjoy the time GOD gives us to reflect and rest.

Last February brought a new change to our routine. Usually it is Mom, Dad, and I, but this year would be different. We recently adopted Nanuq and we needed to bond as a family, thus our adventure began.

Dogs are much like humans. We each have our own personality. I am very much like my Mom. I love to sleep in and wake up slowly. Nanuq, on the other hand is more like Dad. They wake up and dance their way into the morning while Mom and I still have our paws over our heads.

On Saturday morning Nanuq wanted to go for an "early" walk. He is meek and mild with a deep, yet gentle voice, but doesn't give in when he wants something. He was determined and after several "woofs" in Mom's ear, she stumbled from the bed in her pj's and put on her socks, shoes, and parka, grabbed our leashes and off we went.

We walked to the end of the Boardwalk and as we journeyed back toward our hotel a man stepped out of the Hilton and approached Mom asking if she would mind answering a few questions about me (Sitka). As always mom was glad to share us with another human.

We spent about an hour on the Boardwalk talking about mountain climbing and whether my breed (Alaskan malamute) would be suitable for this type of adventure. During our conversation the gentleman introduced himself to Mom and she thought he looked familiar, but she wasn't sure.

After our time with the nice gentleman we headed back to our room. Mom decided to google the man's name because she was sure it sounded familiar. Much to Dad's surprise our new friend was the first person to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen. His name is Reinhold Messner.

God blesses my parents over and over again, often because humans are drawn to me. Dad and I still chuckle and howl when we think of Mom meeting Reinhold Messner in her pj's and a parka on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mom looks a site in the morning, but we love her anyway.

GOD's blessings abound when we live a life of purpose. Our purpose unfolds each day in new ways revealing many surprises along the way. We eagerly anticipate the next adventure GOD has for us. Mom and I both are thankful Nanuq took us for an early morning stroll, otherwise we would have missed meeting our new friend.

Our family (human and canine) is very different, yet together we are "complete." We thank GOD for the uniqueness and beauty He unfolds in our lives.

Woofs and Wags,


*This story is written about our February 2008 trip.


Heart2Heart said...

How amazing to see what adventures and surprises God had in store for those that rise early and seek HIM!

Love Kat

Mary Moss said...
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Mary Moss said...

What I TRIED to type in the previous (now deleted) post is, what a wonderful story and a wonderful God we worship!

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

What a FUN story! I love your blog's point of view. Thanks for sharing.

Edie said...

Oh how funny is that! And really how cool is that too. God has great adventures in store for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, It's so great to have the chance to meet you here. Your dogs are so beautiful! This blog is great and so fun in the way you write. Have a super night!

makeyourhomesing said...

It's funny how this happens sometimes. I met a famous football player once but I had no idea who he was. I met another famous guy at the airport but had no idea who he was either. Other people had to tell me!