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Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Thanksgiving Past"

Thanksgiving is normally a time when our home is filled with humans. Our family is always extended to include humans who may not be biologically related to our parents and sometimes our guests bring their furry kids, too. However, two years ago our parents found themselves with an empty nest. Our human siblings were all going to be traveling with other family and friends. Our parents prayed and decided to take us on a trip for the holidays.

Our parents love to travel with us (their furry kids). They also love quiet, tranquil places where they can remove themselves from the craziness of normal daily lives and reconnect with God and each other. After prayer, the decision was made to visit Fairy Stone State Park near Bassett, Virginia. Reservations were made and off we went.

Just as we parked our mini van in front of our cabin it became seriously ill! Our parents were so thankful GOD had allowed us to reach our destination. They unloaded, counted their blessings, and took us for our first walk in the park.

The next day our Dad walked to the park office, called the local Chrysler dealership, and soon our mini van left behind a tow truck taking our Dad along. Many hours later Dad returned in a rental vehicle with the news, parts needed to be ordered and would take a week to receive and install. Our parents realized God was allowing them the opportunity to have a much needed extended vacation with no TVs and phone's.

As the days past our parents quickly ran out of clean clothes. They decided to venture out in search of a laundry mat and soon found a suitable place to wash the residue from our resent hikes from their clothes. Dad helped Mom unload their clothes and then came back to the rental truck to rescue my brother, Trouble and I (Sitka) from the extra cab where we were waiting patiently.

As Dad walked us, I noticed a middle age couple outside the laundry mat. I nudged and pulled until Dad realized I was trying to take him somewhere. This couple seemed different; I had to get to them and Dad finally complied. We had quite a long visit as they were waiting for their clothes to finish, too. The lady cuddled with me, whispered her problems in my ears all while Dad assumed his position standing to the side with leash in hand.

After an hour of "dog therapy" the couple knew they must gather their things and step back into the world as they knew it. The ladies eyes filled with tears as she went inside to thank my Mom for sharing my brother and I with them. She told my Mom, "You will never know the difference your dogs made in my life today."

Sometimes GOD allows my parents to see why He takes them on an unplanned or extended journey. Each of my parents thanked GOD for our presence in a small town and for the sensitivity to follow HIS lead. GOD took us to a place where we otherwise would not have gone and further blessed our obedience.

Everyday is "Thanksgiving" in the heart of a therapy dog!

Woofs and Wags,


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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