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Friday, November 28, 2008

First Therapy Visit

Months and months of dragging my parents to visit "hurting people" and they realized my gift. Upon realizing GOD had a special plan for me they began formal training at Dog Lover's Obedience School, located in Richmond, Virginia. Despite my special gift I possessed excitement and exuberance levels not yet safe for Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Eager to work within my gift my parents were diligent to prepare me to safely greet patients.

The time came for my first visit and I was so excited my parents had to continuely remind me: "easy-gentle." I entered The Laurels at Willow Creek with my furry friends where we performed a dog show for the residents able to come to the selected meeting room.

I noticed one man at the back of the room and could hardly see him. I knew I must visit with him, despite my Mom's prompting to politely visit others first. After bumping and nudging she decided to follow my lead and we made our way to the gentleman.

My new friend could not sit alone in his wheelchair; he had seatbelts and many attachments to his slumped body. Just as I had a human attached to my leash, he had a human attached to his chair. I noticed his human never left him unattended.

Mom told me to "Go Visit," so I tried to put my head in his chair from the side, but I had to wait on his human to lift his frail arm and lay it on top of my neck and back. I began snuggling close to his tummy remembering to be gentle near his feeding tube and other attachments.

While I was busy sharing GODS love through my touch Mom began speaking to my new friend. I know she could not understand his mumbles, but she continued to lovingly share with him. Mom realized this visit was meant for my new friend, thus I stayed with him until the time came for us to leave.

Mom told my new friend that it was time for us to go, looked at me and said, "heel." As I heeled away from my frail friend he lifted both arms and reached for me shocking both my Mom and his human (Nurse). My new friend had suffered a stroke and been unable to use his arms up until that Thursday evening. The next month when I arrived to visit the patients I found my friend wheeling himself into our meeting room to see me.

Each visit is a path on an exciting journey with GOD. I hope you will continue to travel this journey with me in spirit through my Mom's blog.

Woofs and Wags,



Marilyn in Mississippi said...

This is quite an unusual and interesting blog your pets are dictating to you! :) I am normally very frightened of dogs so maybe you could give me some hints on overcoming this?

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a note! So nice to meet you.

God bless,

Andrea said...

We also use our animals with children who have been attacked. You need to find someone with a safe dog that you could spend time with. Respect and healthy fear is great. I remind children who run up to my dogs that they should always ask first. Not all dogs are polite and loving as it is with people, too.
By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,