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Andrea and "The Perdue Zoo"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Mom and I have not been blogging as much as we would like to over the last few months. We have not been faithful and we pray you will all forgive us. The picture I am sharing today is from a BIG FURRY ADVENTURE.

On May 31st, my humans loaded up a sort of pull behind traveling house and hooked it to Dad's truck. They put Trouble and I in the back seat of Dad's truck and set out for a place call Vermont. Did I mention it takes a "long" time to get to this place?

After two days of travel and sleeping in the "big tin box" behind Dad's truck we made it to Vermont. While we were there we spent almost every day on a different adventure. In the picture above we were waiting for the sun to set over Lake Champlain.

Each night we would return to the "big tin box" and sleep there. Trouble wasn't sure about this home away from home, but he soon realized it was not so bad. Our "tin box house" has air conditioning and heat, a bathroom for our humans, and a refrigerator to keep food in.

We returned home on Monday, June 17th. Mom and Dad unloaded "the tin box house" and got us settled. We were snoozing in our beds by 11:30 pm. At 4am our human brother, Wil woke our parents up. Our furry-kitty sibling Lucy was not doing well. She was almost 18 years old. Mom got up, cleaned Miss Lucy up and made her comfortable. On Tuesday morning, Dad and Wil took Miss Lucy to see our favorite furry doctor. After a thorough exam, Dr. Jordan told our humans Miss Lucy had a stroke and had a blood clot on her spinal column. She was paralyzed and would never walk again. He said it was time to allow her to cross the rainbow bridge with our other furry siblings who have gone on before her. We are thankful God allowed us to get home in time to be with Miss Lucy before she crossed the rainbow bridge and thankful we have humans who try to do what is best for all of us fur babies. We are all sad, but thankful.

Some days we get to take exciting adventures and some days we must deal with the reality of life. I suppose life is really not that different whether you are a human or a furry creature. Life is fun sometimes and sometimes it is not. We are reminded that God is with us in both the fun times and the sad times. So, we put our furry paws together and thank HIM for giving us life and providing a beautiful place for us in the next life.

Woofs and Wags,


Denise said...

I love you, and your thankful heart Sitka. Would love to go on an adventure with you sometime.

Attic Clutter said...

oh darling...Andrea..
u and you hubby sure do have a good time together(:)

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Unknown said...

the dogs look so sweet !