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Andrea and "The Perdue Zoo"

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weather Report and Update

Last night, the wind whipped and howled ferociously as rain came down. Today, the wind continues to whistle and sing. The weather man predicts snow for tomorrow. Well, he says we "might" get snow. Snow is not what most humans want to hear, but for those of us of Nordic decent it is a divine and heavenly word!

Update for "The Perdue Zoo:"

~Mom is doing well on her journey to becoming a "better me" as she calls it. Last week she lost 4.4 pounds. She continues to struggle with making the right choices in every area of her life. I suppose that's what happens when we live our lives trying to be all God created us to be whether we are His human or furry children.

~Dad received AWESOME news from his doctor yesterday. The cancer in his body has NOT grown at all over the past year. Dad and Mom have changed Dad's diet radically. He has almost totally eliminated sugar, because sugar feeds cancer cells. That is the big change. Dad had already altered his other eating habits several years ago. Thank you very much for putting your human and furry paws together in prayer for my Dad. He appreciates your prayers and so do Trouble and I.

Woofs and Wags,


Denise said...

Hello sweet Sitka, thanks for this update. I love snow, but we never get any here in Tennessee. Coco and I would love to play in the snow with you. So very proud of your mom, she is doing great on her weight loss. Praise God for the awesome news from your dads doctor. Coco and I will continue to put together our human, and furry paws in prayer for your family. We love you all.

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