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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sitka!

Today is my 4Th birthday. April is a busy birthday month in our family. My human sister, Lauren's birthday is April 5Th, my human brother, Seth's birthday is April 16Th, and my future brother-in-law, Joe's birthday is April 4Th.

My parents met all my human family at a local BBQ restaurant this evening for dinner. My human sister and brother (Lauren and Seth) chose the location. Dad fixed me a bed in the back of the SUV so I could ride along.

Upon arrival I was shocked and hurt; my family left me in the SUV. I have a therapy vest and I am found to have better behavior than most children, but I was abandoned in the car to watch as people came and went. Thankfully, it was a cool evening.

Upon arriving home, my parents showered me with furry hugs and love. Earlier today, Dad took me for a special walk and sat on the front porch for a while with me. I am thankful for my family, but sometimes I am a bit jealous and wish to have all of my Mom and Dad's attention. I am growing in GOD's grace and still very much a work in progress.

Woofs and wags,



RCUBEs said...

Happy Birthday Sitka! May God give you more number of days and give you the strength you need. Don't worry..."We're all on the same boat...but the One Who started the work, will be faithful to complete it!" [[hugs]]

Laurie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SITKA! Hello to your mom from me.

Saleslady371 said...

Happy birthday,Sitka!

Are you like Frankie, our great dane/yellow lab, who likes cake? I tell him no and he's so tall he'll jump up to the aisleland in my kitchen and grab a swipe if I leave it there. I learned my lesson!

Did they at least bring you some scraps from the barbecue?

I'm praying for that mom of yours.

Mary Moss said...

Oh Sitka, you are a special member of your family! I know you are blessing to them and to so many others.

Hope you had a joyous birthday:-) Sending you a special (belated) birthday hug.

Edie said...

Awww, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday Sitka! I hope it was the BEST! My Tobi has to stay in the SUV sometimes too. Don't worry you are very loved. :)

Just wanted to stop by and wish you an abundantly blessed celebration of the RISEN LORD!