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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sitka's Home!!

I am thankful to be home. I have been in the doggie hospital (VRCC) since Friday, March 6th, 2009. While there, I endured a very painful procedure called Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO). This procedure is where the doctor removes the cruciate ligament and part of the bone; she then puts a prosthetic in place. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds and do not let a doggie doctor tell you otherwise.

Two days after surgery they actually had the nerve to ask me to perform physical therapy. I had cooperated fully until this point, but what were they thinking. I am in terrible pain, even with doggie drugs.

My response was a firm "GRRRRRRR" and a snap. They got the picture and decided it would be best not to push me. I was then able to rest until my parents arrived to pick me up.

As soon as my parents arrived, they were told of my condition, given an update on my progress, and how to perform physical therapy and care for me during the next few months. The technician also told my parents I had spoken "ugly" words to them when they tried to perform physical therapy. They were concerned my parents would have difficulty with me at home.

Boy, they do not know my Mom very well. She loves me very much, as I do her and she knows all the ways to make me obey. She can even be sneaky sometimes when getting me to do whatever is needed.

When the time came for me to go home, Mom could tell the technician was nervous about having to get me, so she offered to come back to the doggie ICU, dress me and prepare me for leaving. The technician was thrilled and led both my parents back.

"WOW"...I thought Mom and Dad were never coming back. I was elated to have Mom come into my hospital room and help me with my collar and harness. Mom then asked me politely to "sit" and of course I complied. She let me catch my breath and then said, "lets go" and up on my feet I came, after a about three tries.

Out of there we went; I held my head high as I strolled past the nurses, doctors, and technicians on my way to doggie freedom. Two technicians followed behind Mom thinking she and Dad would surely never be able to get me in the SUV.

While Dad was setting up my ramp, Mom took me to potty. I overheard one of the technicians tell the other, "he is an entirely different dog with his Mom." I thought to myself, if you had been a little more gentle and reasonable with your requests I may not have been as cranky, after all I am in terrible pain!

After pottying, Mom told me to heel. I strolled toward toward the SUV, Mom said, "ramp" and up I went onto my doggie bed. Both technicians just looked at each other in amazement.

Freedom never felt so good. I am now resting in our downstairs bedroom. Mom and Dad are going to sleep down here with me for the next few months, while I recover. I am so happy to be able to lay beside Mom in the floor. I am still in a lot of pain, but I hope it will get a little better each day.

I told Mom we needed to write this post, because I wanted each of my followers to know how much I appreciate their prayers, love, and great doggie wishes. You guys are awesome!!

I am thankful GOD has given me wonderful friends, family, and even a job I love. Until my paws dance across Mom's laptop again....

Woofs and Wags,



Mary Moss said...

Ohhhhh! So glad to have Sitka home where he belongs! We'll continue prayers for quick healing successful therapy.

Attic Clutter said...

sitka..oh good new Andrea(:) I hope all goes well ..
such a cutie pie(:)
hope you have a wonderful day..
Thanks for the nice comments too~~

Anonymous said...

So glad that things are going so well with Sitka, may there be continued healing and health.

makeyourhomesing said...

Oh, so cute! I'm glad you got him home o.k. and with no biting!

Edie said...

Oh Sitka I'm so glad your home and on your way to recovery too. My Tobi doesn't much care for the vet either. :)

I will continue to pray for your recovery and relief from the pain.

Keep us updated Andrea!