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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sitka's First Real Snow

I am still suffering with my knee, but Mom and Dad are doing their best to keep me comfortable. I am almost four years old and until today I was unable to experience more than a dusting of snow. Being a Nordic breed I longed for the beautiful fluffy flakes to spill forth from the heavens, but each year passed without a real snow.

I am thankful Mom and Dad love me enough to help me up and down steps over and over again. I am not a small guy, yet time and time again my parents sacrifice to make my life more comfortable. Today, they asked me if I would like to go out in the snow for a little while. My heart leaped at the chance to stroll around in the beautiful winter wonderland GOD has so graciously placed in our yard.

As I strolled through my beautiful yard I found my favorite red ball hidden carefully beneath the snow. Wow, a hidden treasure lay just below my feet. God is an awesome GOD! I was able to lay and paw at my squeaky ball while rolling and nuzzling in the snow without hurting my leg. I did not need to run and leap to have fun.

Sometimes we fret over our disabilities instead of making the best of them. Today was a day of thankfulness for each member of my family. Mom was no longer sad; she quickly realized the beauty of each gift GOD gives us, big or small.

Until my paws dance across Mom's laptop.....

Woofs and Wags,



Attic Clutter said...

OH Precious post Andrea(:)
love those animals ..
you are an angel~
big hugs,Patty

Mary Moss said...

I'm so glad you could enjoy the snow, Sitka!

This is a wonderful post. We all need to be reminded to look at life with the attitude of abundance.

Edie said...

Aw Sitka, I'm so glad to see you having some fun.

How cute this is. I still have Sitka on my prayer list. Will keep praying over the knee.

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I love reading your posts. They are so creative, and with a great message, too! Stop by my blog. I have a little something waiting for you there.